Unite Your Jobsite

  • Create a free construction profile
  • Instantly communicate with teams, or the entire jobsite
  • Improve awareness and safety on the job
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Built as Software for Hardhats

  • News Feed
  • Private Messaging
  • Manage Your Connections



Sign up for a free construction profile. Easily connect with others and grow your contacts.

News Feeds

Improve communication with your team or jobsite. Post critical information for a successful build.

Photos / Comments

Add photos and comments to news feeds. All posts can be synced instantly for timely feedback.


Contact workers with ease. All contacts are synced automatically and saved for access anywhere.


Share your location with teams. Maps are displayed to help navigate you to new jobsites.

Direct Messages

Send private messages to workers. Conversations won't affect your SMS (text) plan.

Unlimited Access

Access jobsite information everywhere you go. Apple, Android, Mobile, and Web.

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per month

  • 1 - 2 Jobsites
  • 1 Full Implementation
    (annual subscription)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium Support
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per month

  • 3 - 5 Jobsites
  • 2 Full Implementations
    (annual subscription)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Priority Support
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per month

  • 6 - 8 Jobsites
  • 3 Full Implementations
    (annual subscription)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Priority Support
  • Onsite Training
    (one per jobsite)
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Jobsite Unite offers flexible implementation and training for jobsite rollouts. We understand that new software has a learning curve. Our full implementation options allow you to effectively manage the implementation process and we highly recommend for your first jobsite. Implementation costs vary on the package selected. Cost for residential is $1,500, commercial $3,500, and daily visit $800.

Full Implementation includes:
  • One implementation session with all subcontractors
  • Personalized training for each subcontracting company
  • Five jobsite visits for individual (user) training

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Jobsite Unite better than the way we communicate on job sites now?

Rather than using multiple channels like text, email, and phone calls where you have to duplicate efforts, and information can get lost or missed, we give you one channel for all your jobsite communication and keep a record for you. Watch how efficient and effective your jobsites get with a communication plan clearly implemented through Jobsite Unite.

How does Jobsite Unite make a Superintendents life easier?

Increase your on site awareness by knowing who's on site and what issues are being discussed at all times. Expand your influence and keep subcontractors up to speed by broadcasting information site-wide with the job site news feed, or message individual subs directly.

How does Jobsite Unite make the Project Manager's life easier?

Jobsite Unite acts as a window from the office to all your job sites. See what's happening on site and solve problems without ever having to physically be there. Workers on site can post pictures and comments about issues to help you make critical path decisions on the fly. Don't miss out on those important job site conversations that can change the scope and schedule of your project.

How does Jobsite Unite make a subcontractors life easier?

Get access to a complete contact list of all the subs on site and instantly connect with them. Get instant updates with site conditions, safety information, and scheduling changes. Be the first to hear about new projects and opportunities.

How does Jobsite Unite make construction workers lives easier?

Stay in touch with all your friends in the industry. Get instant updates on your schedule and know where you are suppose to be. Easily broadcast your availability to find work when you need to.

How does Jobsite Unite reduce mistakes on my jobsite?

By opening the lines of communication on a single platform, we reduce the risk of costly mistakes that result in rework and wasted materials.

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Our Story

Jobsite Unite helps simplify, streamline, and record critical jobsite communication -- anytime and anywhere -- for residential and commercial construction projects. Our company was born within the construction industry and later developed at Startup City, a technology incubator in Des Moines, Iowa. With 12 years experience in the construction industry, Founder, Jay Olsen has gathered a rockstar team and built a new social communication tool that will change how contractors and teams interact.

Jay Olsen

Jay Olsen

Founder, CEO

Our Team

Mat is a graduate of Central College and has been involved in developing both Android and iOS applications for startups for several years.
Mat Patten

Mat Patten Android, iOS Developer

DJ has been working on development for different startups for the past 3 years. He is an Android specialist and is pursuing his degree at Iowa State University.
DJ Todd

DJ Todd Android Developer

10+ years of strategic business leadership and team building through sales & marketing strategies, technology, content and analysis. Five years of strategic leadership for construction technology companies through acquisition and IPO.
Erica Kiefer

Erica Kiefer VP of Sales & Marketing

Expert in branding, pricing, and user experience. 9+ years leading strategic marketing for construction in the real estate and healthcare industries.
Matt Toering

Matt Toering Marketing & Strategy

I'm a Construction Engineer that has seen the issues that arise on jobsites from a lack of communication. We are here to help you eliminate these issues by streamlining your communication.
Nicholas Donlin

Nicholas Donlin Community Builder

An engineer turned entrepreneur. Formally educated in Civil and Construction Engineering, I am passionate about using technology to solve problems related to these and other fields. I value life-long learning and discovery and am highly curious, inquisitive and creative.
Trevor Hanus

Trevor Hanus Community Builder